About Me.  I’m a passenger on Peter Pan bus from New York to Washington, DC.  We’re almost at Union Station.  We just passed Mother Rucker’s Subs.

Market Watch, January 22, 2019, approximately 1pm

[straw hat, sea shell …]

Target Store, Atlantic Terminal Mall, Brooklyn, 2018-2019


we’re now waiting for a light at Whole Foods Supermarket/Apollo.

We’re here, Union Station!

(Some of the pictures I posted while eating lunch/dinner in Cava with a V like Accenture V), Union Station.  A homeless black male and a homeless black female [they’re not together] have each asked me [and others] several times for money.  Another homeless man, a black male, asked me to buy him something to eat. Another homeless man, a white male, asked me to help him out so he can get a sandwich, he is an amputee, no right foot; two Metro (subway) employees walked by, eating what looked liked McDonalds sandwiches and French fries.   Yes, I’m thinking about my grandson, Wesley, wondering where is he? Is he cold?  Is he hungry?  cc CIA Agent Warren Wilhelm aka Bill de Blasio, cc CIA Danite James O’Neill, cc CIA Danite Dallin Oaks, cc CIA Danite Orrin Hatch et al, cc all Mormon barristers)