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Mormon computer gremlins illegally prevent me from correcting errors in previous paragraphs. Few people who profess to be Christians kno about Deuteronomy 32:4, The Rock, Perfect id His Activitity. This rock stool that I;ve been tortured with for the past 24 hours is pure torture for me, religious percution tortutiom, ans yet another way to mock thr onr and only true God Jehovah, the One God, the God of Mose, the God of Abraham. Iaac, and

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Speaking of savior, who will as the winner to replace The Savior?? Market Wast has been running advertisements for their Wayfair featuring some of the contenders; they themselves (predestination, black people) and karma (you suffer, you deserve to suffer. I hope to post every “savior” contending for the title.

I’m suffering from Microsoft new and improved URL, I cannot find my mouse and for the past 25 hours I’m suffering from bowel movement that are actually formed like rocks and at my rectum. expand.

When it’s unbearable I say aloud, “Please help me, Jehovah. the only true God, the One God, the God of Abraham. Isaac, and Jacob.”