To Gina Haspel, Director, CIA


Gina, there’s a cut right below the bottom eye lash on my left eye, an EZ button laser beam cut that stings if I touch it and when I wash my face, but it doesn’t really hurt.

(Last Wednesday, on my way back to my room when I came back from therapy session, when I saw a package of eye lashes in the hall atop Joyce’s walker, it did not occur to me that three days later there would be an EZ button laser beam cut on my face near one of my eyes.)


What really hurts is the EZ button laser beam pain in my left breast that began paining when I heard the bathroom stall latch and toilet flush and other sounds in the bathroom.  A few times, accompanying the sound (besides the now constant pain in my breast), shocks in my body.  Zoom Swoosh Traffic sounds, probably simulated; surprisingly no car horn honks, toots, beeps, and no low-flying loud-engine aircraft.  Next door, scurrying sound on the wall, and EZ button laser beam intensive pain, a painful jab more painful than the constant pain, in my left breast.

10:05pm, car horn honk, EZ button laser beam twitter on my right eye, car horn beepbeepbeep.  Motorcycle revs, really loud, EZ button laser beam twitter on my right eye. Amplified thump next door, EZ button laser beam pain in my chest (the EZ button laser beam pain in my breast subsided somewhat), amplified creaky door haunted house sounds next door, EZ button laser beam pain in my head, EZ button laser beam perspiration on my upper body (I will post information about sweater one day, as soon as I possibly can).

10:25pm, outside, really loud horn that sounds like a clown horn, EZ button laser beam shock in my body.

Last Wednesday, August 28, 2019, in the mailroom, here: an envelope addressed to Dorothy Curry (the “unhinged” “psycho”), and two envelopes addressed to Betty Davis.

(Do Plants Have Something to Say?, The New York Times, August 26, 2019)

Tomorrow I will post some information about lashes, and a chair, and of course Mormon Church of Satan’s “The Latest: Texas Shooting …”

Mormon computer gremlins illegally deleted an advertisement in my Google Photos, an advertisement for a furnished apartment, featuring light blue chairs.