To CIA-DIA Danite Nazi Orrin Hatch, Deseret News; CIA-DIA-KKKer John Kennedy, U.S. Senator, Louisiana; CIA-DIA-RAW Deepak Chopra, Center for Well-Being; CIA-DIA William Watts, Deputy Markets Editor, Market Watch; CIA-DIA Danite Kent Jolley, “Quorum of the Seventy”; CIA Danette Sheri Dew, CEO, Deseret Book; CIA-DIA Danette Gina Haspel, Director, CIA; CIA-DIA Danette Marianne Lake, Board Member, JPMorganChase; CIA-DIA Danette Patty Murray, U.S. Senator, Washington; CIA-DIA Danette Marie Cantrell, U.S. Senator, Washington; CIA-DIA Danite Tim Cook, Apple; CIA-DIA Danite Quentin Cook, Satan’s visible organization headquarters; CIA-FSB-SHISH Agent David Schafer, God’s visible organization headquarters; CIA-DIA Danite Ken Cook, God’s visible organization headquarters, CIA-DIA Danite Anthony Morris, God’s visible organization headquarters: Family Meeting

Usually every three weeks, the Tuesday or Wednesday preceding the Thursday I am to go to New York Presbyterian Infusion Center at 343 Fourth Avenue across the street from Hotel Le Bleu, for chemotherapy, I receive a telephone call, an automated call, for me to confirm my appointment.

The voice is a very distinct voice, a friendly sounding female, so, when my cell phone rang yesterday evening and I heard her voice, I assumed the call was to confirm my chemotherapy appointment for Thursday, and I wondered, Why call me on Monday to confirm an appointment for Thursday? And then, as I listened, waiting for her to finish talking so I could confirm my appointment, she said something or other about a family meeting has been scheduled for me and my family for Wednesday, at 11am.

And that’s when I realized, the call was not from the infusion center, the call was from New York Presbyterian Medical Group.

I did not confirm.

I hung up.

A 9:50am appointment is scheduled for me to see Dr. Huang, oncologist, and Dr. Keshava, pulmonologist, to tell me the results of the flexible bronchoscopy and the prognosis, if any has been determined. I suspect that Dr. Kothari, gastroenterologist like Dr. CIA-DIA-Nazi Piotr Gorecki, will be told to sit in the small room opposite the blood test room, as she has been told to the last three times I went to the doctor’s office, or, stand in the nurse’s station as she was told to once when I was leaving the doctor’s office.  Whether or not Dr. Justin Steele will be on the premises, I have no idea (why do I have this dread that Dr. Justin Steele is a CIA-DIA Nazi Danite??).  If a family meeting is scheduled to tell my family and me any dire news, there will be one person present at the family meeting, me.

But I will not be alone.

Jehovah God really is my Shepherd.  (Psalm 23; Song 77, Sing Praises to Jehovah songbook; Song 1 side B, Singing Kingdom Songs cassette tape, God’s visible organization’s music that is no longer available for listening enjoyment, edification, comfort, thanks to CIA-ASIS Geoffrey the Snake Jackson, CIA-DIA Danite Anthony the Venomous Vermin Morris, etal. cc all Mormon barristers!)

Today I will not post the Examining the Scriptures Daily from Thursday, February 13, 2020 to the present, with a comment about Dr. Neil Nimkar and a comment or two or three about CIA-DIA-Nazi Danite Dr. Piotr Gorecki.  Something else has come up.

Today I will post the following (that is, unless something happens to me [for example, a fall, unable to access internet] to prevent me from doing so):

Italy, General Authorities, Prophets Seers Revelators
Italy, Coronavirus
Italy, Kobe

Each day when I begin posting, it is very difficult for me to think of, or do, anything else.  I cannot post any of the Italy information until after I go downstairs, pay my rent, and sit and wait for Whole Foods to deliver some food for me, foods that require no cooking.  I will wheel a tank of oxygen and wheel my shopping cart. I am praying to Jehovah God to please give me the physical strength to get from here to the lobby without falling. I hope to post the Italy information as soon as I possibly can, if I can.

Update:  I went to  Was not able to log into Whole Foods, or  I received a message informing me that an account already exists for my email address.  When I tried to change my password, which I could not remember, this message popped up:

Account & Login Issues
What can we help you with?
Select an issue
Did You Know?
We’re sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your account login. To reset your account information, call us at 1-800-388-5512 or, if outside the U.S. or Canada, 1-206-922-0880 (International, charges may apply).
( called the number.  A woman answered the phone.  She sent a security number to my email address.  I tried and tried and tried to create a new password and she was getting impatient with me (we were in the phone approximately 25 minutes) and I explained to her that I just came home from the hospital and I have no food and I really need to order some food so please have a little compassion (and less superiority sounding voice).  And I asked her if she is at Whole Foods on 3rd Street (I’d forgotten that I was trying to sign in to, which, is, I guess, necessary in order to order from Whole Foods), and she told me no and I asked her if she is in India and she told me yes.  I asked to speak to the manager because I really need to order food; she told me to call back later.  Her country is hosting the most powerful man in the world.

Looks like I’m not going to have any food to eat.

(CNN Business After Hours, February 25, 2020)

Market Watch, February 25, 2020

A little Italy with FREE 2-hour delivery

I’m hungry.