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  1. About Mature Fields – Halliburton…Careful planning and analysis are needed in order to identify ways to improve well productivity, find bypassed pay and maximize reservoir contact from mature assets. Halliburton experts help operators economically produce these hydrocarbons and breathe new life into mature fields.
  2. Circuit breakers, triggered for the first time in 20 years ……Mar 09, 2020 · Halliburton closed down 37%. There was one winner, at least. … They are supposed to enable traders to catch their breath and figure out how much more they might want to buy and sell.
Abbott Laboratories
Marathon Oil Corp
Alaska Air Group
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Bing 24 Hour Premarket, March 30, 6;30pm
(Mormon computer gremlins illegally prevent me from linking to CNN Premarket After Hours Market

Coincidentally is the day Halliburton and UnitedHealth Care are what’s movie today, is two days after I called United Health Care to pay the monthly, $270. I should have sent in the form for automatic deduction rather than proscrastinate.

Conagra Brands Inc
Halliburton Co
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EOG Resources Inc
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UnitedHealth. Group I…
Gap Inc

Might tale me two more days to finish posting Halliburtpm breathe post

Todd speaker at University of Wyoming deleted or hidden. The picture I took Mormon computer gremlin deleted from my picture gallery.

[I found Todd event]

Mormon computer gremlins illegally prevent me from posting UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING NEEDS MORE COWBOYS, FEATURING BLACK FEMALE.