I feel tired (it’s exhausting, so many Mormon computer gremlin glitches! one day soon I hope to spend the entire day post pictures of the glitches!) and my back hurts. After I rest I will go to My Life Story-Page 14-California-Continued and post, at the top of the page:

Taste and see that Jehovah is good.
(Psalm 34:8)
Aramaic Bible in Plain English
American Standard Version
Darby Bible Translation

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(Smart. It started with the orchestrated kidnap of Elizabeth Smart. [Remember the television comedy, Get Smart?] And suddenly we had smart car, smart money, smart phone, and on and on. cc all Mormon barristers

God’s visible organization’s printery in Wallkill, New York was, for decades, the second largest printery in the nation, second only to the government’s printery. Now God’s visible organization has printeries in many nations, for Holy Bible translations and publications based on Holy Bible Holy Scriptures, including the invitation to “taste” Jehovah. Wallkill is upstate, in Hudson Valley.

And so is Culinary Institute of America (CIA).

I didn’t have my leg exercises today. No therapist visited me, for exercising, and I did not ask why, and I should have. I’ve felt really tired since early morning, and I don’t know why. I feel disappointed in myself. O how I pray to Jehovah God that those hoping in him (his witnesses, defenders of his name, his reputation [Matthew 6:9] will not be ashamed or humiliated because of me. [Psalm 69:5-9])

I now know why I felt pain in my back. I was scrunched up; this air bag mattress was up in the middle, from when a nurse assistant changed me early this morning, and I did not realize it. Not even when Dr. B, the psychologist, mentioned something about the comfort of air mattresses. I did not ask her if her boots are Doc Marten boots (MLK), a favorite among young new and improved Nazis. During our conversations, Dr. B does not sound to me like she’s a Nazi. Although I was a bit surprised that she did not know who is Caroline Kennedy (I had mentioned that one of my deepest desires is that Caroline Kennedy be elected President) but she does know whos is Anne Frank. Tomorrow if I have leg therapy, I will ask the therapist if I can sit in the wheelchair (if I have the body strength to do so) to do the legs and feet exercises.