To Robert Mueller, Former Director, FBI

hat if I am not mistaken?

What if there really is a Mormon church sting operation surrounding Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, and me?

A worldwide sting operation that has culminated into worldwide Coronavirus? Are any medical researchers quietly searching for a cure? Not in my dead body. In my live body. I want to be there when Caroline Kennedy is elected President.

(I hope and pray Caroline Kennedy is not punished with any “Kennedy curse”. It’s been too emotional for me to comment on the “Kennedy curse” happened to Robert Kennedy, Jr. His granddaughter was in a boat, a breeze drifted the boat, she died.)

Last night a doctor here at Bensonhurst Rehabilitation (I did not think to ask him his name) informed me that the bleeding (from my hemorrhoids) will continue. (Yesterday and the day before I bled a lot.)

He told me that because I refused a blood transfusion and a DNI, Maimonides Hospital medical team could not look inside my body and see what is causing the blood loss. I was wearing bracelets: NO BLOOD TRANSFUSION and DNR/DNI. And also, one of the doctors said something or other about a method to perform a colonoscopy, commonly preferred by Jehovah’s Witnesses. that does not require a risk of needing blood or DNI. I might have interrupted him to state clearly that, I do not claim to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, because I am much too controversial, but I believe what they believe, because what they believe is true. And he did not finish telling me and I forgot to ask him to finish telling me.)

The doctor here at Bensonhurst Rehabilitation told me that, eventually I will bleed to death. I asked him a few questions (for example, Will it be painful) while at the same time, I was wondering if my death will be faked and me sent to a morgue with Warren Wilhelm aka Bill de Blasio and Mormons Dick Cheney, Warren Buffett, Michael Hayden, Dr. B, and Orrin Hatch fighting each other about who will be the first to take a few slices of my skin & bones. I’m still trying to find and post picture of “Honorable” Mayor Warren Wilhelm aka Bill di Blasio, grinning while talking about COV-19.
In the past week or so, nurses and nurses’ aides and other employees (cleaning department) now say “Knock, Knock”. Why?? Because, they were told to.

(Charles Taze Russell, President of Watchtower Bible
e & Tract Society, and some of his colleagues, were imprisoned for openly opposing World War I and making speeches to encourage all who would listen, to oppose the war, too. Charles Taze Russell is not he founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jesus Christ THE PRINCE OF PEACE is the founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Russell is the name of one of the victims in George Orwell’s room 101. cc Mormon barristers
Mormon leaders were also imprisoned. Joseph Smith and his brother were also imprisoned when he was campaigning to become president of this nation. Joseph Smith ordered his Danites to destroy a newspaper (published by a former Mormon) that exposed him for taking other mens’ wives as his own, and other crimes. A mob, probably all or mostly all former Mormons, broke the prison window and shot and killed Joseph Smith and his brother. It was time to move on. Time to go to Utah. Time for Brigham Young to authorize human sacrifice: Mountain Meadow Massacre. Brigham Young was blessed richly and famously and powerfully. Brigham Young University Y on a mountain, and, Room 101. Mormon church’s Jesus Christ is a fake Jesus Christ: Satan.
cc Danite Michael Vincent Hayden, former Director, CIA, Professor, George Mason University, Board Member, Motorola (Hello Moto);
cc Danite Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense, current President, College of William & Mary (2nd college in the nation; Harvard the first)
cc Danite (I cannot remember name of Danite pictured at Harvard Law podiun, and, pointing, telling former President Obama to go, Fetch. The medication or the loss of blood is affecting my hearing.
cc all Mormon barristers

Is this the cereal (a box of K[KK] cereal) from the box of nutrients placed on the air conditioner next to Dr. B[eeHive]’s green leather back chair.

My weight loss will continue also because, I can no longer eat meals. I used to have a nasal spray, prescribed by one of the doctors here, that after I sprayed to loosen the dried up mucus in my nostrils that were preventing me from breathing, 20 minutes or later, the nasal spray did loosen the dried up mucus. The new bottle of nasal spray, the new and improved nasal spray, has an additive: some sort of glue that makes the mucus stick to the back of my nostrils preventing me from breathing. It is very difficult to breathe if eating.

Terry McMillan
Lunch tray was brought here. I cannot eat because I cannot chew (even pureed food) and breath through my mouth. The oxygen tank can say that my oxygen is 100, but actually very very little oxygen is entering my nostrils, because of the glue that’s been added to the nasal spray. I did not need a nasal spray at New York Presbyterian Methodist, or at the YWCA, where I am now evicted. cc all Mormon Barristers
The word Black does not show, only at website
cc all Mormon barristers]
Many times I have posted a sentence or two stating that Revelation 22:2, “The leaves are for curing the nations”, refers to people in every nation being cured of illnesses naturally. No more NAAOP, no more NAAWP. I cannot remember the acronym or name of the other new and improves Nazis’ new and improved KKK.
When I was in Maimonides Hospital emergency room with its newly purchased curtains, drapes, decorated with four leaves and one monster face in one of the leaves, I did not know that, someone was mocking me, and that I would be medicated with calcium 3 hours before I left the hospital but I was already medicated when I arrived at the hospital because I was not wearing a make and nobody tole me to put a mask on my face.
cc all Mormon barristers
Many times here at my website I have posted that Revelation 22:2, “The leaves are for curing the nations:, refers to a times when people will be cured naturally, with food from trees and other produce. No more artificial limbs, NAAOP; no more
… COPD …