About Me

12noon, midday

I’m at Pacific Public Library, on 4th Avenue at Pacific Street.  There’s a Best Buy Magnolia truck parked on Pacific Street at Third Avenue.  I thought about taking my computer to Best Buy Geek Squad, but then, decided not to, because it’s too much of a coincidence, that my computer broke down the day after the Mormon Church of Satan’s Semiannual Conference.  And, that there’s the Magnolia Best Buy truck on Pacific.  (Magnolia is a “code word”.  to be continued)  I took a picrture of the 50 to 100 keys on a chain with one in the lock to the door across the hall from me (YWCA Brooklyn), however, I cannot ever post that picture; I will save that picture, for the LEGAL CASE (unless, of course, Mormon computer gremlins delete that picture).   I took pictures of the NYPD vehicles that drove by when I went outside, in front of the entrance to YWCA Brooklyn, and I took a picture of one of the NYPD vehicles that drove by on Atlantic at Third, when the paint truck turned the corner from Atlantic onto Third, and I took a picture of the NYPD bomb squad vehicle as it turned the corner from 4th Avenue onto Atlantic Avenue, however I don’t know if I will be able to post any of those pictures because I do not know if I will be able to access my Google Photos.

I cannot access my Google Photos.  I need a computer.  I’m going to Best Buy after all.  I need to buy an inexpensive computer.  I need to post the picture of NYPD bomb squad vehicle, Benjamin Moore paints truck, and a lot of other pictures.