Cannoli, Cannula

Before I post the cannoli cannula and the MTA bus advertisement for Corona beer information, there’s a bit of additional information I added to the following:

I now know why I felt pain in my back. I was scrunched up; this air bag mattress was up from the middle of the bed to the bottom of the bed, from when a nurse assistant changed me early this morning, and I did not realize it. Not even when Dr. B, the psychologist, mentioned something about the comfort of air mattresses. I did not ask her if her boots are Doc Marten boots (JFK, RFK, MLK [visit ADL (Anti-Defamation League) Hate Symbols Library which is not nearly as comprehensive as it used to be before Mormon infiltration]), a favorite among young new and improved Nazis. During our conversations, Dr. B does not sound to me like she’s a Nazi. Although I was a bit surprised that she did not know who is Caroline Kennedy (I had mentioned that one of my deepest desires is that Caroline Kennedy be elected President). And when she asked me, “Who is Caroline Kennedy?” I was amazed. But when I asked her if she knows who is Anne Frank, she said yes but I’m wondering if she is one of the ones who are promoting “Anne Frank The Diarist” instead of Anne Frank the Holocaust Victim. Is Dr. B a Mormon. I think so. Tomorrow if I have leg therapy, I will ask the therapist if I can sit in the wheelchair (if I have the body strength to do so) to do the legs and feet exercises. After I thought about it, I might not yet have the physical strength to sit up in a wheelchair.

Find your beach
Two Corona beer trucks, Atlantic Avenue at Third Avenue, driving past JAMMAR trucking company billboard, across the street from where I live, or where I used to live, if I am already evicted
Find your [beach]
Corona Extra
This picture I took one day I was walking from where I live (or used to live) to New York Presbyterian Methodist Hospital, I was walking to an appointment with the surgeon who implanted the port-a-cath in my chest via my neck. (If I am not mistaken, he is an exploited “pole” enlisted in “God’s army” I asked him if I could take a picture of the Egyptian statue god that was or is on his window sill. I will post the picture [if I can] when I post a picture of Joseph Smith Sphinx, in a garden in Salt Lake City, Utah, and some other information pertaining to ancient Egypt and the pharaoh in power during the Exodus. I have no complaint against this “pole”, none that I know of.). The church in the background: Sixth Avenue Baptist Church. Nat was a member of Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, and so was Felix Perez. I have no complaint against Nat or Felix. I can easily post pictures from my Google Photos picture gallery here at my website. Very difficult to post pictures since Microsoft One Drive extreme computer glitches. cc all Mormon barristers
What’s Moving Pre-Market
S&P 500 Gainers & Losers
RMD Resmed Inc
RL Ralph Lauren
MGM Resorts Internat…
RCL Royal Caribbean Crui…
NCLH Norwegian Cruise Lin…
CCL Carnival Corp
(CNN Business, Pre-Market, one gainer Resmed, May 1, 2020, 5:55am)
… From sleep apnea to respiratory conditions including COPD, Resmed has innovative solutions …
(Microsoft Bing search: resmed. May 1, 2020)

Nat and Felix Perez were members of Memorial Baptist Church on 16th Street at 7th Avenue. They and a white family, the Bennetts, left that church, and went to Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, on Lincoln Place at 6th Avenue. The reason they left? Because the pastor Memorial Baptist on 16th Street wanted to have his son, a recent graduate from one of the “divinity” schools, join the congregation, and the Bennetts (husband, wife, two daughters who reminded me of Laura Ingalls, very modestly dressed), Nat and Felix, left Baptist church and moved to Sixth Avenue Baptist Church on Lincoln Place. (Jennie, a member of Memorial Baptist Church, was on the front page of New York Daily News or New York Post, the winner of one of the lotteries. During the time Nat was a member of Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, a homeless man was allowed to sleep in the alcove or somewhere or other, and I had no idea that my youngest grandson, Wesley (who was baptized at Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, my husband holding a large body size black plastic body bag with Wesley’s clothes in it (holding the garbage bag in front of the congregation because he was told to), would one day be homeless. Most of the congregants lived in the “Carlton Arms” projects. I never did find out which projects is the “Carlton Arms”, probably the one on Flatbush Avenue past Atlantic Terminal, next to a social services department. Carlton Hotel is a Mormon church Marriott International hotel.

We lived on 12th Street when the Bennetts and Nat and Felix stopped going to Memorial Baptist Church and began going to Sixth Avenue Baptist Church. I liked Pastor Christopher and his wife, Ruth. They visited me when I was in the hospital with a broken collar bone. We lived on 13th street when Felix stopped by and delivered to me a pastry box with six cannolis in it. He told me the cannolis were for Nat and me. Nat was still at work. Nat was not expecting Felix to stop by. Felix would not have delivered the cannolis if he had not been told to. That was in the year 2007, long before I began wearing a cannula. Pizza, and all things Italian, are a “lucky rabbit’s foot”, a “good luck charm” since their 1920 bomb on JPMormon (“the corner”), and act of terrorism for which Italians were the scapegoats. (An earlier act of terrorism: Mountain Meadow Massacre: Brigham Young’s human sacrifice for blessings from Satan. There’s a reason the Mormons’ four universities (Utah, Idaho, Hawaii, Israel) are Brigham Young University, not Joseph Smith University. (In no way am I defending Joseph Smith. The Little Devil (Satan) appeared to Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, and The Little Devil appeared to Brigham Young, the builder of Mormonism including BYU School of Law.
cc all Mormon barristers

Girard R Little Red Devil …
(Market Watch, May 1, 2020, 9:18am)

This is a picture of cannolis:

The owner of this pastry store did not give me permission to post this picture. cc all Mormon barristers

This is a picture of some cannulas: