Discharge Summary Adult

Hematochezia. I left the hospital under the impression that I was to meet with a surgeon for hemorrhoid surgery. The nurse left me with that impression and she forgot to RCA ambulance medical the urine tube to finish emptying the urine in my belly, she forgot, and so did I. I feel tired, exhausted. I must get back to exercising, my upper body 4 times a day, 15 minutes or so each time. I am hoping that in two or three weeks the physical therapist will be telling me that I must make progress (in this “nursing home”).

Because the I beam was flying from line to line, sometimes even inserting new letters of the alphabet onto words I had typed, it took about 15 minutes to type this paragraph when it should have taken 5 minutes. I typed this paragraph in Note Pad. A little less flying onto different lines (which I sometimes do not realize, if I’m looking at what I’m typing, as I type).

One last thing. When I came back here (Bensonhurst Rehabilitation) the employee at the desk wanted to take a picture of and he was telling me to remove the mask, I thought he was saying that because I had not been wearing the mask because of the added difficulty to breathe. My nostrils are always clogged with dried up mucus, all the way inside my nose. Not a little. A lot, blocking the oxygen from going in my nostrils. When the front desk employee told me to put my mask on my face, I thought it was for that reason, because I hadn’t been wearing my mask. I had completely forgotten that according to page 12 of the Discharge Summary Adult prepared for me, typed clearly on page is this:

Bleeding internal hemorrhoids

COVID-19: Onset Date: May04-2020, Status: Active
(Discharge Summary Adult, Maimonides Hospital, May 6, 2020 )

(A few minutes ago, approximately 10pm, the head nurse was here. She put a swab in my nose to test me for COVID-19. I asked when will the results come back, In a few days.)

Is there really a court of public opinion?

DOJ releases Mueller’s marching orders
Justice Ginsburg discharged from hospital
GOP senators want review of aid to W.H.O.
(Microsoft Bing News, May 6, 2020

To Robert Mueller’s top assistant during the investigation and during and 448 page memo. I cannot remember your name but I remember that, when the “saints” (Mormons) go marching in you will be one of them.)

These curtains, drapes, are exactly like Maimonides Hospital emergency room curtains, drapes. Maybe this is a picture of Maimonides Hospital emergency room. I had explained to a nurse what the four different kinds of healing symbolize, in my mind: curing. “The leaves are for curing the nations.” Revelation 22:2