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About Me.  This is the error message that popped up every time I tried to access my website:

(error message on new computer when I tried to access my website, October 9, 2019)

Best Buy Geek Squad at Atlantic Terminal informed me that the reason I could not connect to my website is because a security feature was preventing me from connecting.  I went to Verizon store to see if I could connect using their WiFi.  I was able to connect, however after a few minutes, kicked out of my website; the above error message popped up.  When I left Verizon store at Atlantic Terminal, I felt that I would not be able to ever access my website ever again.

I felt that Mormon CIA Danites/Danettes had succeeded in silencing me.  I felt that, obviously, Jehovah God is not directing my steps.  (Proverbs 3:5-6)  This is what I saw when I left Verizon, at Atlantic Terminal Mall, as I exited the mall:

(Mack truck parked in front of Atlantic Terminal mall, October 9, 2019)

About me, continued
I called my website hosting company and spoke with a technical support representative and he informed me that there is no security feature added to my website.  After speaking on the phone with a Verizon technical support representative, I am now able to access my website, here in this room where I live, YWCA Brooklyn, using my cell phone; however, I was not able to post any information because, besides the mental exhaustion of not being able to connect to my website for the past two days, also, I am suffering terribly from fatigue, one of the special side effects of chemotherapy, and flu-like symptoms, whether natural or needle-injected, I do not know.  (8:55pm: EZ button laser beam jerking sneeze sneeze sneeze, at which time EZ button laser beam tinnitus began ringing loudly in my ears, EZ button laser beam twittering in both of my eye lids, EZ button laser beam chill to the bones.  Earlier, when sirens were blaring outside, EZ button laser beam painful piercing shock in my left breast.  cc all Mormon barristers)

I took these pictures while waiting for Best Buy Geek Squad to open (after I took these pictures, I went downstairs and waited near the entrance, using an outlet to charge my cell phone):

Verizon at Best Buy, Union Square, October 8, 2019

I asked a Best Buy customer, at Union Square, if I could take a picture of his dog, who reminds me of Target store’s dog.  This dog’s name is Voltron  His owner is a plaintiff in an imaginary legal case that’s a figment of my mental disorder.  cc all Mormon barristers


Sound of Music
Best Buy Co. Superstores
Best Buy Superstores

Traded as
Industry Retail
Founded August 22, 1966; 53 years ago in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
Founder Richard M. Schulze

7601 Penn Avenue S, Richfield, Minnesota, U.S.

Wikipedia [emphasis added]


Goodfellow Dry Goods
Dayton’s Dry Goods Company
Dayton Company
Dayton Corporation
Dayton-Hudson Corporation

Traded as
Industry Retail
Founded June 24, 1902; 117 years ago
Founder George Dayton
Headquarters Target Plaza, 1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Wikipedia [emphasis added]

About me, continued While Best Buy Geek Squad agent was helping a visitor from Nigeria (I overheard some of their conversation, however I was not eavesdropping), another Best Buy Geek Squad agent was helping a woman wearing a red jacket; a man wearing a hard hat, a construction worker, was next in line.   I neglected to ask her if I could take a picture of her Mack Cali shopping bag!

Cali: California
Cali: Colombia
cc all Mormon barristers!

Address: 343 Thornall St, Edison, NJ 08837
Mack Cali headquarters: Jersey City, New Jersey
cc all Mormon barristers!

[military vehicle, citi bike]
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Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
A young African man with dark skin, short black hair, and brown eyes, wearing a white T-shirt.
Born December 22, 1986 (age 32)

Lagos, Nigeria
Other names Umar Abdul Mutallab, Omar Farooq al-Nigeri
Criminal charge Pleaded guilty to the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, the attempted murder of 289 people, the attempted destruction of a civilian aircraft, placing a destructive device on an aircraft, and possession of explosives[1]
Criminal penalty 4 life terms plus 50 years[2]
Criminal status Incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary, Florence ADX, near Florence, Colorado.
Parent(s) Alhaji Umaru Mutallab (father, Nigerian)
Aisha (mother)

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (Arabic: عمر فاروق عبد المطلب‎ ; also known as Umar Abdul Mutallab and Omar Farooq al-Nigeri; born December 22, 1986)[3][4] popularly referred to as the “Underwear Bomber“, is a Nigerian man who, at the age of 23, confessed to and was convicted of attempting to detonate plastic explosives hidden in his underwear while on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253, en route from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan, on Christmas Day, 2009.[1][4][5]

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed to have organised the attack with Abdulmutallab; they said they supplied him with the bomb and trained him. Connections to al-Qaeda and Anwar al-Awlaki have been found, although the latter denied ordering the man to do the bombing.

Abdulmutallab was convicted in a U.S. federal court of eight federal criminal counts, including attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted murder of 289 people. On February 16, 2012, he was sentenced to 4 life terms plus 50 years without parole.[6] He is incarcerated at ADX Florence, the supermax federal prison in Colorado.


Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is the youngest of 16 children[7] of Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, a wealthy Nigerian banker and businessman, and is a son of his second wife, Aisha.[8] The father was described by The Times in 2009 as being “one of the richest men in Africa.”[9] He is a former Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria and former Nigerian Federal Commissioner for Economic Development.[7][9][10]

The family comes from Funtua in Katsina State. Abdulmutallab was raised initially in an affluent neighbourhood of Kaduna,[11][12] in Nigeria’s north.[7] He attended the Essence International School in Kaduna as a young child. He also took classes at the Rabiatu Mutallib Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies, which had been named for his grandfather, at that time.[13] He also attended The British School of Lomé, Togo.[14] Considered a gifted student, he also enjoyed playing PlayStation and basketball.[11] Abdulmutallab studied at University College London in September 2005, where he studied Engineering and Business Finance,[15] and earned a degree in mechanical engineering in June 2008.[16]

According to one of his cousins, as a teenager, Abdulmutallab became very pious as a Muslim, and detached himself from others his age. He condemned his father’s banking profession as “immoral” and “un-Islamic” for charging interest, urging him to quit. “That kind of detachment from others and singular focus on Islam was a common thread in Mr. Abdulmutallab’s life, according to family members, friends and classmates.”[11]

Yemen: 2004–05

For the 2004–05 academic year, Abdulmutallab studied at the San’a Institute for the Arabic Language in Sana’a, Yemen, and attended lectures at Iman University.[17][18][19][20]

Web postings

CNN reported that “the many detailed biographical points made by [ internet username Farouk1986 ] match what has been reported about Mutallab’s life.”[21] On December 28, 2009, a U.S. government official said the government was reviewing the online postings, and has not yet independently confirmed the authenticity of the posts.[22]

CNN reported that by 2005, the postings of Farouk1986 revealed “a serious view of his religion.”[21] Tracey D. Samuelson of the Christian Science Monitor further said that the posts “suggest a student preoccupied by university admissions and English soccer clubs, but who was also apparently lonely and conflicted.”[23] The Washington Post reviewed 300 online postings by Farouk1986 ; Philip Rucker and Julie Tate of the Washington Post said: “Taken together, the writings demonstrate an acute awareness of Western customs and a worldliness befitting Mutallab’s privileged upbringing as a wealthy Nigerian banker’s son.”[22] The user name posted on Facebook and on Islamic Forum ([20][23][24][25][26][27]

Farouk1986 discussed loneliness and marriage in his postings between 2005 and 2007, writing on January 28, 2005:

As I get lonely, the natural sexual drive awakens and i struggle to control it, sometimes leading to minor sinful activities like not lowering the gaze [in the presence of unveiled women]. And this problem makes me want to get married to avoid getting aroused.


The hair of a woman can easily arouse a man. The Prophet advised young men to fast if they can’t get married but it has not been helping me much and I seriously don’t want to wait for years before I get married. But I am only 18 … It would be difficult for me to get married due to social norms of getting to the late 20s when one has a degree, a job, a house, etc before getting married. So usually my fa[n]tasies are about islamic stuff. The bad part of it is sometimes the fantasies are a bit worldly rather than concentrating in the hereafter.[28]

In a posting on February 20, 2005, he wrote:

Alright, I wont go into too much details about me fantasy, but basically they are jihad fantisies [sic]. I imagine how the great jihad will take place, how the muslims will win insha Allah and rule the whole world, and establish the greatest empire once again!!![29]

And in a May 2005 posting, he referred to the radical Jamaican-born Muslim cleric Abdullah el-Faisal, who had been imprisoned in the UK for urging his followers to murder Jews, Hindus, and Americans, writing:

i thought once they are arrested, no one hears about them for life and the keys to their prison wards are thrown away. That’s what I heard sheikh faisal of UK say (he has also been arrested i heard).[30]

In January 2006 he chastised female users for not wearing the hijab, adding:

I don’t think it is allowed to be just friends with someone from the opposite sex. Except when thinking of marriage or when you have to work together.[31]

London: September 2005 – June 2008

Abdulmutallab began his studies at University College London in September 2005, where he studied Engineering and Business Finance,[15] and earned a degree in mechanical engineering in June 2008.[7][32][33][34][35]

He was president of the school’s Islamic Society, which some sources have described as a vehicle for peaceful protest against the actions of the United States and the United Kingdom[36] in the War on Terrorism.[20][37][38] During his tenure as president, along with political discussions, the club participated in activities such as martial arts training and paintballing; at least one of the Society’s paintballing trips involved a preacher who reportedly said: “Dying while fighting jihad is one of the surest ways to paradise.”[20] He was well liked as president of the society and considered to be moderate though politically engaged. He organised a talk about the detention of terror suspects and to promote it in a sad foreshadowing of what was to come, walked down Gower street in an orange jumpsuit.

He is the fourth president of a London student Islamic society to face terrorist charges in three years.[39] He organised a conference in January 2007 under the banner “War on Terror Week”, and advertised speakers including political figures, human rights lawyers, speakers from Cageprisoners, and former Guantánamo Bay detainees.[40] One lecture, Jihad v Terrorism, was billed as “a lecture on the Islamic position with respect to jihad”.[40]

During those years, Abdulmutallab “crossed the radar screen” of MI5, the UK’s domestic counter-intelligence and security agency, for radical links and “multiple communications” with Islamic extremists.[41][42]

At the age of 21, Abdulmutallab told his parents that he wanted to get married; they refused to allow him to do so on the grounds that he had not yet earned a master’s degree.[11]

On June 12, 2008, Abdulmutallab applied for and received from the American embassy in London a multiple-entry visa, valid until June 12, 2010, with which he visited Houston, Texas, from August 1–17, 2008.[43][44] After graduating from university, Abdulmutallab made regular visits to the family town of Kaduna, where his father was known for financing local mosque construction and other public works.[45]

Dubai: January–July 2009

From January until July 2009, Abdulmutallab attended a master’s of international business degree program at University of Wollongong in Dubai.[46][47][48]

Wikipedia [emphasis added]

About Me, continued.  The speaker at God’s visible organization’s Brooklyn Center congregation on 8th Street in South Park Slope, CIA Danite McCardle, he knows some of the details of an attack that’s in the works.  And so do the Mormon CIA members of Brooklyn Center congregation, but they don’t know as much as McCardle knows, they just know that something big is coming. Not as big as the really big something, the planned nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River, but something. I need to take a picture of the names of all members of Brooklyn Center congregation.

and military WRANGLER, parked next door to God’s visible organization’s Kingdom Hall on 8th Street between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue, South Park Slope, Brooklyn, October 7, 2019, day two of the Mormon Church of Satan’s Semiannual General Conference.  cc all Mormon barristers!!!

Wollongong University, Australia

… Mack Weldon …
Australia Stock Exchange, October 10, 2019 Sydney; October 9, 2019 Salt Lake City


Mormon Church of Satan’s Church News, October 8, 2019

Australia Stock Exchange, October 9, 2019

Mormon Church of Satan’s LDS Living

Market Watch, Futures, October 9, 2019, 10:15pm



No matter how many people think otherwise, Jehovah’s Witnesses really is God’s visible organization.
The wrath of Jehovah God really is upon the Mormon Church of Satan, no matter how many people think otherwise.
The stock market really is going to crash, worldwide, no matter how many people think otherwise.
No matter how many people think otherwise, Caroline Kennedy will be elected President in the year 2020;
Jim Turner of Texas will be elected Vice President;
Robert Kennedy Jr. will be nominated and confirmed U.S. Attorney General; and,
Robert Mueller will be nominated and confirmed Director of the FBI.

No power on earth has the power to prevent the above prophetic message that I write from becoming reality, not even these four people themselves.  I write under inspiration from and with authority from, God, the true God, Jehovah.

cc all Mormon barristers


Mayor Warren Wilhelm aka Bill de Blasio is the clean-up man, if the Mormon Church of Satan/CIA succeed in their planned nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River. His administration is already prepared to hold tribunals and immediately execute some of the “troublemakers” (30,000 bananas; nationwide: 30,000 guillotines, to be continued).

Berkshire Hathaway’s Brooks Running

Get 30,000 Bonus Points
Wells Fargo

Partial List of Scapegoats, if the Mormon Church of Satan/CIA succeed in their nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River:
Former President Barack “Hussein” Obama
Former Advisor to the President, Valerie “June” Jarrett
Former Homeland Security Director “Jeh” Johnson
Newark Mayor Ras Baraka
Minnesota Congressman FBI agent Keith “Ellison”
New York Congressman FBI agent Hakim Jeffries
Former leader of the CIA’s Black Panthers: FBI agent “Malik Zulu Shabazz”
Former Public Relations Spokesman for the Mormon Church of Satan: FBI agent “Ahmad” Corbitt (recently returned from assignment in the Dominican Republic)

[greasy looking Latino American man and African American man made up to look like former President Barack Hussein Obama wearing Joseph Smith’s white shirt] Vivid Seats

[Former presidential candidate Joseph Smith (1844), author of “U.S. Constitution hanging by a thread” prophecy:]

Portrait of Joseph Smith Jr.

The purpose of this website is to expose the Mormon Church of Satan and all enemies of Jesus Christ the Way the Truth the Life, the Prince of Peace.
This website is also the beginning of a presidential campaign to elect Caroline Kennedy President of the United States. I prayed to Jehovah God to please, by means of His son Christ Jesus, please, arrange national events and world events in such a manner such that Caroline Kennedy is elected President of the United States.  I know Jehovah God hears my prayer and will answer my prayer because that particular prayer of mine is one of my deepest desires and Jehovah God has promised me that he will satisfy all of my deepest desires.  All of the information posted at this website is interconnected; directly connected to the Mormon Church of Satan’s illegal sting operation surrounding Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, and me. The illegal sting operation that encompasses every human being on earth, and has resulted in the LEGAL CASE, unlike any other, ever. The LEGAL CASE, headed to The Hague, Netherlands. cc all Mormon attorneys

As the Storm Approaches,
Maintain Your Focus on Jesus!

(Matthew 14:22-34; Hebrews 12:2)
Concluding talk, Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention 2015, worldwide