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About Me.  Earlier I was in court, Housing Court, on Livingston Street, downtown Brooklyn.  The landlord’s attorney informed my attorney that, the landlord is willing to give me a one year probation.  During that time I must not take any pictures of any residents (months ago I stopped taking pictures of any residents), I must not take any pictures of any doors, I must not take any pictures of anything in this building.

Even if I see a sign on a door that reads “Wiccans unite: 7pm meeting tonight to worship Satan” or “Bitch don’t kill my vibe” or an “in the blood of Jesus” note taped on the floor in front of a door (as is the case presently), or a death notice on an elevator wall for two or three weeks (as was the case several years ago; more than one death notice), I am not allowed to take a picture of the sign, the note, or the flyer.

Also, I must walk on eggs so to speak because any resident can at any time accuse me of anything!

For example, my attorney informed me that a resident (whose name I will not mention because I am not allowed to mention any names) claims that, last Saturday, I followed her into Stop & Shop supermarket and I threatened her.


I was stunned.

I didn’t even see anybody in Stop & Shop who lives here (where, I cannot say)!

I told my attorney I will swear, under oath with penalty of confinement in jail, that, such a thing never happened.  So, again, the way it stands, I can be accused of anything, no matter how outrageous!  My attorney is meeting with the landlord’s attorney to reach an agreement that does not put me in such a precarious situation (precarious situation is not my attorney’s words, rather, mine, how I interpret it: at the whim of others, who, whether they freely choose to or not, take orders from “a higher power”).  cc all Mormon barristers

I thought about explaining to my attorney that, if the judge noticed that I was looking at him with a really big frown expression, he wasn’t imagining it.  I was wondering, why, each of the three times I was in his courtroom, when he’s on the bench pressing buttons on his cell phone, I felt pain in my head. And also, this morning when he turned on the humming air conditioner, I felt even more EZ button laser beam pain in my head.  I decided to not try to explain that because, it would sound too paranoid, too crazy, too mentally unbalanced, for me to explain anything about that. I don’t know why he is now in that courtroom instead of the judge who was there the first time I appeared in court.  Because I was glaring at him for a few minutes this morning, does that mean I wish him any physical harm?  No, absolutely not.  But if he has an EZ button on his cell phone, yes, I would like to make that known, but of course, he does not have an EZ button on his cell phone; I’m paranoid.

I feel relieved that I won’t be evicted, and depressed because the stock market is sky high.

Market Watch, June 4, 2019

A downside setup
[a roller coaster]
Market Watch, June 4, 2019

Trump hails US-UK ‘bond’
Luna Park opens 2 new rides to give ‘the best thrills’
GLOBAL FLAVOR on the map


Universal values.
amNew York newspaper was on the floor at the entrance to Civil Court.  I picked up this newspaper, took these two pictures, then I threw the newspaper in the garbage, June 4, 2019.

It’s hard to believe that, just 5 days ago, 12 people were shot and killed.   It’s like it never even happened.  Or rather, it’s like it happened, but is quite normal, acceptable, a part of every day living.

Every must-see movie coming this summer
Microsoft MSN News, June 4, 2019

Pantene R Shampoo – Invest In Your Hair
Microsoft MSN News, June 4, 2019


Original Broadway poster
Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical is a rock musical with a book and lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado and music by Galt MacDermot. A product of the hippie counterculture and sexual revolution of the late 1960s, several of its songs became anthems of the anti-Vietnam War peace movement. The musical’s profanity, its depiction of the use of illegal drugs, its treatment of sexuality, its irreverence for the American flag, and its nude scene caused much comment and controversy.[1] The musical broke new ground in musical theatre by defining the genre of “rock musical”, using a racially integrated cast, and inviting the audience onstage for a “Be-In” finale.[2]Hair tells the story of the “tribe”, a group of politically active, long-haired hippies of the “Age of Aquarius” living a bohemian life in New York City and fighting against conscription into the Vietnam War.
Wikipedia [emphasis added]‘This is our tribe’:Ford BUILT TOUGH
By Ashley Imlay

Utah sex assault suspect found dead after chase, authorities say
Man who loaned gun used to kill Lauren McCluskey pleads guilty
Spoiler alert: ‘Jeopardy!’ star Holzhauer’s fate revealed
(Mormon Church of Satan’s KSL, June 4, 2019)
AF: “Articles of Faith”; American Front; Abercrombie & Fitch; Astoria Federal; After Ford (CIA-SIS agent Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World [instead of CE (Common Era: after Christ) there’s New Era (the name of Mormon Church of Satan’s monthly magazine): AF, After Ford], one of the “how-to” manuals for the powers that now be in power but not for long [three more: CIA-SIS agent George Orwell’s 1984 and his Animal Farm; CIA-ASIS agent Max Barry’s Jennifer Government], cc al; Mormon barristers
Fort Bliss: fort where Nazi scientists and chemists, etc., were snuck into this nation; they helped research and develop the atomic bomb and, the “Summer of love” drug experiment.  One need only look around and see the results of Mormon CIA’s blissful “Summer of Love” drug fest experiment that is ongoing.Lucy Mack Smith: Joseph Smith’s mother
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds: Beatles song about LSD
Haight Ashbury: David Haight, former mayor, Palo Alto, Mormon “apostle”
GHB: GBH (Gordon Bitner Hinckley)

A female mayor of Salt Lake City who has a wife?  Sounds unbelievable and yet, it is true.
A professed homosexual Utah county commissioner? Sounds unbelievable and yet, it is true.
A professed homosexual valedictorian at BYU?  Sounds unbelievable and yet, it is true.
The so very clever Mormon Church of Satan now has the LGBT community enthralled.

(Yes, I know, I sound like an intolerant “hater”.  Yes. I know.)

In terms of deception, no group of people in the history of mankind compare to the Mormon Church of Satan.



No matter how many people think otherwise, Jehovah’s Witnesses really is God’s visible organization.

The wrath of Jehovah God really is upon the Mormon Church of Satan, no matter how many people think otherwise.

The stock market really is going to crash, worldwide, no matter how many people think otherwise.

No matter how many people think otherwise, Caroline Kennedy will be elected President in the year 2020;
Jim Turner of Texas will be elected Vice President;
Robert Kennedy Jr. will be nominated and confirmed U.S. Attorney General; and,
Robert Mueller will be nominated and confirmed Director of the FBI.

No power on earth has the power to prevent the above prophetic message that I write from becoming reality, not even these four people themselves.  I write under inspiration from and with authority from, God, the true God, Jehovah.

cc all Mormon barristers


Mayor Warren Wilhelm aka Bill de Blasio is the clean-up man, if the Mormon Church of Satan/CIA succeed in their planned nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River. His administration is already prepared to hold tribunals and immediately execute some of the “troublemakers” (30,000 bananas; nationwide: 30,000 guillotines, to be continued).

Partial List of Scapegoats, if the Mormon Church of Satan/CIA succeed in their nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River:
Former President Barack “Hussein” Obama
Former Advisor to the President, Valerie “June” Jarrett
Former Homeland Security Director “Jeh” Johnson
Newark Mayor Ras Baraka
Minnesota Congressman FBI agent Keith “Ellison”
New York Congressman FBI agent Hakim Jeffries
Former leader of the CIA’s Black Panthers: FBI agent “Malik Zulu Shabazz”
Former Public Relations Spokesman for the Mormon Church of Satan: FBI agent “Ahmad” Corbitt (recently returned from assignment in the Dominican Republic)

[greasy looking Latino American man and African American man made up to look like former President Barack Hussein Obama wearing Joseph Smith’s white shirt] Vivid Seats

[Former presidential candidate Joseph Smith (1844), author of “U.S. Constitution hanging by a thread” prophecy:]

Portrait of Joseph Smith Jr.

The purpose of this website is to expose the Mormon Church of Satan and all enemies of Jesus Christ the Way the Truth the Life, the Prince of Peace.
This website is also the beginning of a presidential campaign to elect Caroline Kennedy President of the United States. I prayed to Jehovah God to please, by means of His son Christ Jesus, please, arrange national events and world events in such a manner such that Caroline Kennedy is elected President of the United States.  I know Jehovah God hears my prayer and will answer my prayer because that particular prayer of mine is one of my deepest desires and Jehovah God has promised me that he will satisfy all of my deepest desires.  All of the information posted at this website is interconnected; directly connected to the Mormon Church of Satan’s illegal sting operation surrounding Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, and me. The illegal sting operation that encompasses every human being on earth, and has resulted in the LEGAL CASE, unlike any other, ever. The LEGAL CASE, headed to The Hague, Netherlands. cc all Mormon attorneys

As the Storm Approaches,
Maintain Your Focus on Jesus!

(Matthew 14:22-34; Hebrews 12:2)
Concluding talk, Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention 2015, worldwide