To Robert Mueller, Former Director, FBI

As you know, I had been posting a note at the bottom of each post, as of the past several years, stating that, Caroline Kennedy will be elected President in the year 2020, Jim Turner Former Congressman from Texas, Vice President; Robert Kennedy Jr, Department of Justice; and that you will be back at the FBI, Director of the FBI, investigating some events that need to be investigated (for example: I just read that a movie will be made about Coronavirus. Why no movie about Oklahoma federal building bomb? Why no movie about “911”? A movie doesn’t have to show all the gory parts, like the falling man picture. Why no movie about Columbine and other school shootings? I wrote that none of you four people had the power to prevent me from posting the above information at the bottom of my website. I wrote about a Mormon church sting operation surrounding Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, and me, a sting operation that encompasses every human being in every nation and I really believe that, the sting operation has resulted in Coronavirus, in every nation. Never did Jehovah’s Witnesses authorize me to post that statement, about a Mormon church sting operation encompassing them and me. Obviously I am mistaken. Who am I to tell you, a former director of the FBI, that you did have the authority to have two FBI agents visit me, confiscate my laptop and remove all mention of your name.

I am writing to you about a pillow but not right now because my breakfast tray was just brought to this air mattress bed that feels like I’m on spikes. I will eat while I type.

DWR (Design Within Reach)
that we may not be overreached by Satan,+ for we are not ignorant of his designs.+
in order that Satan might not outwit us for we are not unaware of his schemes.
designs ,,, devices … we all know what his plans are … We all know what goes on in his mind … intentions … thoughts …
I think I can
The Pillows

In the year 2007, when we were living at 484 13th Street in Park Slope Brooklyn, my husband purchased a pillow for our grandson, Wesley. I asked him why but I knew why: because he had been told to. I did not yet know about The Pillows singing group, or the picture on the internet of a dictionary with the gun in it. I knew about George Orwell’s 1984 “Give it to Julie” and Russell and the dictionaries but I did until recently (when I was in Maimonides Hospital next to a patient with an amputated foot, who prayed, Please Lord, please help me. Please deliver me from this beast.” I assume she was referring to me as the wild beast in the book of Revelation. Judith is the name of the nurse assistant here, Bensonhurst Rehabilitation.

The Pillows

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The Pillows
Left to right: Yoshiaki Manabe, Sawao Yamanaka, Shinichiro Sato.
Background information
OriginHokkaidō, Japan
GenresAlternative rock,[1][2] J-pop[3]
Years active1989–present
LabelsDelicious Label (2016-present), King Records (1994-2007, 2016-present), Captain Records (1989-1991), Pony Canyon (1991-1994), Avex Trax (2007-2016)
Associated actsThe Predators, Nine Miles, Kenzi & The Trips
MembersSawao Yamanaka
Yoshiaki Manabe
Shinichirou Sato
Past membersKenji Ueda

The Pillows (Japanese: ザ・ピロウズ, Hepburn: Za Pirōzu, stylized as the pillows) are a Japanese alternative rock band formed in 1989. The group has released 22 studio albums, several EPs and compilations, and over 40 singles. Outside Japan, they are best known as the group responsible for the soundtrack to the FLCL OVA series.[3]

I tried and tried to post picture of three or four pillows in the New York Times article titled At the YWCA in Brooklyn, They Take Care of Each Other. Picture will not post. Mormons arranged for the article to be written, and each resident, including the resident with the scar on her shoulder (bike accident) whose name is similar to Katyn statue in Jersey City (Mormon church’s “pole”). All of my files at the YWCA have probably been thrown in the garbage. cc all Mormon barristers

Somebody (sounds like Dr. B[eehive] is calling Michael, a patient in the kitchen. The Mormon church claims to be the Church of Jesus Christ but their teaching is so different from true Christianity.

How COVID-19 is impacting Saints worldwide
When the saints come marching in
(Mormon church dictionary)
Mormon “ChurchofJesusChrist” Dictionary
pillows, The New World to Come
(AngloAryan Mormon racists at God’s visible organization. Blue outline compliments of Mormon computer gremlins on behalf of the SOMA crystal blue persuasion movement. Mormons have no fear of a court of public because everybody is now in fear of their COVID-19, so, here comes my 19th nervous breakdown. (Actually, one, and this last one, on this spike bed, repeatedly being cruelly told that a new one is coming which is a lie, and even more blood loss, looks to me like it’s permanent.) cc all Mormon barristers)

(, Watchtower Online Library)

One day in the year 2006 or 2007, on our way to the park across the street from where I lived, on 79th Street across the street from the park, my grandson Wesley kicked or stepped on a pedestrian’s foot or toe, an older white female. Wesley told me it was an accident. Instead of punishing him, I believed him. We went to the pool. I have never seen Wesley with a gun. I am praying to Jehovah God to please protect my integrity to him; I cannot be like Winston when he said “Give it to Julie.” (Room 101, George Orwell, 1984) (Julia, Juliet and family from London and Jamaican male with white girl upstairs next door to yoga center [the only commercial business on that block or any neighboring blocks]) Jehovah God will judge Wesley. Jehovah God judged David who sent someone to the front lines to kill Abigail’s wife, but of course when the seriousness of his sin was brought to his attention, immediately he repented, was punished, and later, highly with the privilege of writing most of the Psalms. Wesley is not repentant but I cannot say “Give it to Wesley”, or anyone else. When Wesley three year old Wesley got a tricycle, somebody gave him a helmet decorated with “MEN AT WORK” symbols (similar to The Village People symbols [Hillary Clinton “It Takes a Village”]. I threw the helmet away and bought another helmet and it was shortly thereafter, when he lost consciousness twice, once as we were walking to school and once in the kindergarten class and Nica and her daughter, whose name I cannot remember, befriended us and one of the children had to go to the bathroom but the bathrooms were being renovated, so the children took turns going to the bathroom behind the “Rent a Head” and that’s when I knew, something was being put in his body, but I did not know it was something to make him aggressive, even cruel. When kindergartner Wesley was sitting at the kitchen holding a ball in his hand, he was wide awake. so looking forward to going to the playground. (We went to the playground often, and never did I ever see Wesley aggressively toward another child, never did another child or child’s mother tell me that he was aggressive hurtful.) When I came out of the bathroom, Wesley was asleep. I took him to a doctor, a clinic in Brooklyn Heights.

I am still being tortured. The head nurse came here and told me that, if I want a new bed, I have to sit in the chair (Dr. B[eehive]’s chair with the box of nutrients. I explained to the head nurse that, I cannot walk to the chair. How did someone put me when the mattress was changed during the night? The head nurse told me that, if I cannot sit in the chair, the mattress stays on the bed. Or maybe she told me a cruel joke, that a flat mattress is coming. I am being tortured because of my religious beliefs, and in a most cruel manner. I have no personal complaint against the head nurse. Anybody who does not abide by the Mormon’s COV-19 rules, risks becoming infected. Not from me. From the inventors of the plague: “The Church of Jesus Christ”. I lost a lot of blood last night. Someone is making a lot of noise in the hall. (Michael?? cc Michael Hayden, Utah, Idaho, Oregon) Door slams. Talking on the other side of this room, near Dr. B’s chair and nutrients for me. And more blood and pain from my hemorrhoids and more EZ button laser beam spiking in the mattress. I did not yet call a nurse to change me because there will probably be more.

I must rest.